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Killfiles 101

1. The best and only way you can be sure you're 
   killing a file is to turn your machine off.
   Only then can you be sure it is dead.

2. If you must resort to using killfiles,
   (great marketer trick, make you use it 
   again and again, and again, like a gun)
   kill "classes" of files, as opposed to
   individuals, you'll get better kill ratio.
   A good example is anon or wizvax users.

3. Note: Killfiles are a censor's best friend!
   And you'll become what you swore you wouldn't.

does your signature tell the truth nesta? Can't know everything 
with a killfile! Eventually you'll kill the file that'd get you sex.

Signature withdrawn at the request (pretty rightfully 
so) of my dear friends on the Cypherpunk List 
Coming Soon: The Internet Debut of CENSORED.COM