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Dear Zimmy,

They still miss the point, I think.

They haven't figured out how to teach others.

They can do it in ten newsgroups.

They whine and snivel like two year old brats.

They just can't for the life of them grab the original letter.

They can't go teach their top-ten newsgroups.

They can't figure out how to come back here and rant how

they did it and I didn't (lose my account over it)

They rapidly forget crypto loses it's power against a bullet.

Eventually they'll come with guns again and take the machines away.

There were 10,000 newsgroups I only went to 10.

The best kill file is a turned off machine.

I touched my first fortran card 22 years ago.

There's a lot of difference between showing up the 12th,

and showing up in say 12 newsgroups.

Sorry Zimmy, It don't look good for the home team.

Love Always,

Carol Anne

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