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Re: Killfiles 101

On Sat, 7 Jan 1995, Carol Anne Braddock wrote:

all responses and replys and nosensical remarks to this post can be taken 
off the cypherpunks list and directed to me carol, or whomever decides to 
respond, unless of course something productive pops out of it.

> 1. The best and only way you can be sure you're 
>    killing a file is to turn your machine off.
>    Only then can you be sure it is dead.
wow, she knows about puns, cool.

> 2. If you must resort to using killfiles,
>    (great marketer trick, make you use it 
>    again and again, and again, like a gun)
>    kill "classes" of files, as opposed to
>    individuals, you'll get better kill ratio.
>    A good example is anon or wizvax users.
class of users are to vague and I fear I may kill something I want to 
read.  I have never came toa a point where i knew all posts from such and 
site site or class of users was not worth my time, but I have run across 
dozens of individuals who I realized said nothing I wanted to waste a "d" 
or "n" keystroke on.

> 3. Note: Killfiles are a censor's best friend!
>    And you'll become what you swore you wouldn't.
Bullshit, you sound like Doctress fuckin Nuetopia.  Kill files are not 
censorship at all, do you pay attention to everythign that coems your 
way?  Do you read every last scrap of paper people put in front of you?  
Do you go out and buy every fuckin perdiodical just in case there is an 
article in them you want, or are you intelligent enough to make 
judgemnets to conserve your time and sanity by not wasting your time on 
information resources you know will bring nothing too you.  If I really 
wanted to censr or kill you Carol, and not simply avoid having to "d" 
thru a good thrity messages I don't want to read, you wouldn't be 
replying to this at all dear.

> does your signature tell the truth nesta? Can't know everything 
> with a killfile! Eventually you'll kill the file that'd get you sex.

So far your posts have told me nothing I didnt already know.  Damn Carol, 
I was on your side until you started to REALLY SPAM.

i want to know everything          http://www.mcs.com/~nesta/home.html
i want to be everywhere                     Nesta's Home Page        
i want to fuck everyone in the world               &
i want to do something that matters         /-/ a s t e zine