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Re: Siegel and Lewis

On Tue, 3 Jan 1995, Jonathan Cooper wrote:

> >    Martha Siegel is just fucked up enough that she will probably push
> > for legislation regulating the nets. Congress is just fucked up that
> > they might pass it.
>    And if they do I will make it a definate point to do all I can to 
> emigrate to the UK, the Netherlands, or somewhere else.
>    This country is increasingly becoming a police state, and I've got too 
> many years of life left to just passively deal with it.

As I understand it, the government owns a portion of the internet. What 
they want to regulate about that is their business. What I want to know 
is how can they regulate what private business and citizen's do with 
there Fiber Optic's, ISDN lines, telephone lines, and computers. If the 
government was to ban anything on the net, it would shurly seem to me to 
be in violation of the first ammenment. Things like pirated software, 
being illegal already, is one thing, but our mail, conversations, ect. is 

	Does anyone have any information on what grouds Seigel and Lewis 
plan to use for legislation? If they do pass laws regulating the 'net I 
hope someone comes up with a no-spamming law, then I am getting a ticket 
on Jon Coopers plane out of the country. 

						Groove on Dude
						Michael Conlen