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Re: Siegel and Lewis

> As I understand it, the government owns a portion of the internet. What 

   Yes.  And through my work's upcoming link, so will they.  So what?

> they want to regulate about that is their business. What I want to know

   On their own networks, surely.
> is how can they regulate what private business and citizen's do with 
> there Fiber Optic's, ISDN lines, telephone lines, and computers. If the

   They already do - look at the regulations on telcos, power companies, 
water companies, cellular/paging companies, lawyers, doctors, etc. 
> government was to ban anything on the net, it would shurly seem to me to 
> be in violation of the first ammenment. Things like pirated software, 

   An interesting point.  Any legal views from someone more versed in the 
law than I?

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