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Re: British Hacker Article

At 01:31 PM 1/4/95 -0500, Duncan Frissell wrote:
>>From The Independent (London) Tuesday 3 January 1995 - Front Page

> ... The US Defence Information
>Systems Agency admitted in a private briefing, which has been confirmed,
>that the hackers had affected the Department's "military readiness."

"Admitted"?  Probably "complained without substaniation" would be more accurate.

> ...  It is understood that
>he invented a "sniffer" programme which searched across hundreds of
>computers attached to the Internet for passwords and user names. ...

If he was really behind the various password sniffers running on Netcom, 
etc, he has a lot of explaining to do.

> ...  "They contained information about
>firing sites in North Korea and stuff like that.  Field intelligence.  He
>kept detailed logs of communication traffic.  ... The Korean files were on 
>the Girths Air Force Base computer system and therefore the could have been 
>accessed.  ...

Harumpf.  Either the stuff wasn't classified, or else someone had a major 
security procedures breach and had classified material sitting on a computer 
with an uncrypted comm link.

    --Paul J. Ste. Marie
      [email protected], [email protected]