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Re: San Francisco Editorial

> A letter to the editor is like spitting into the wind in this case.   I
> think what's needed is a more constructive affirmative action, ideally
> taking Cantor and Siegel to court somewhere.

   Perhaps it's my libertarian outlook, perhaps not, but I tend to abhor 
using the US government's ``legal'' system for almost any reason.  

   The worst thing about doing this (suing them), IMHO, is that if you 
lost you would create a precedent for all the people who aren't doing it 
because they might consider it illegal or immoral -- far too many people 
consider things that the court okays to be morally okay.  

   Instead, I think it's a great stimulus for better software - there's 
no reason to sue them when it'd be a better thing for the community if 
newsreaders and mailreaders were enhanced to deal with spams.


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