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Re: good news about the EFF...

At 11:23 PM 01/01/95, Aron Freed wrote:
>Has anyone seen Monty Python's Life of Brian.....  DO I hear a parallelism???
>Something to the effect of "The PEople's Judean Front", "The Popular
>People's Front", and it goes on an on....
>HOw about for the modern approach.... CDT, EFF, CPSR, Cypherpunks... Do I
>hear more.. Or are we so split up that we can't agree on our common goal....

The more the merrier, in my opinion. As long as they can all get funding,
which admittedly could be a problem, but presumably if it is then some of
the organizations will just drop out. *shrug*  But in general,
decentralization is good, right?  I'd rather have 5 organizations defending
electronic rights then just one, when we know all too well how possible it
is for that just one to negotiate a compromise that seems more like a
betrayal.  The more active, funded organizations, the more it appears to
legislators like people are really concerned about this stuff, and the
safer we are against point-failure.  Decentralize, distribute, good.  :)

[Of course it remains to be seen if so many organizations at once can
remain active and well funded.]