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Re: good news about the EFF...

On Sun, 1 Jan 1995, Lile Elam wrote:

>  CyberWire Dispatch // Copyright (c) 1994 //
>  Jacking in from the "Back to the Future" Port:
>  Washington, DC -- The Electronic Frontier Foundation has fired its Policy
>  Director Jerry Berman and will soon release a sweeping new agenda for 1995
>  that promises to return the organization to its original grassroots
>  beginning.
>  Asked to comment on his firing, Berman bristles and says:  "I think that's
>  baloney." Then he quickly adds:  "Did you ever think I might have wanted to
>  leave?"
>  Berman has, in fact, left EFF, to head a new, as yet unannounced, policy
>  group called the Center for Democracy and Technology.  His departure from
>  EFF and the creation of CDT will be made public this week in a joint
>  announcement with EFF, sources said.  The official line that will be spun
>  to the public is that the two came to a "mutual parting of the ways."
>  That benign statement, however, doesn't reflect the long hours of the
>  behind the scenes deliberations, in which the language of the press
>  releases will be a cautiously worded as an official State Department
>  briefing.
>  Heroes and pioneers always take the arrows;  EFF lately has looked more
>  like a pin-cushion than its self-appointed role as protector of all things
>  Cyberspace.  The beleaguered organization has over the course of the past
>  two years endured often withering criticism from the very frontier citizens
>  it was sworn to uphold and protect.
>  The reason:  A perceived move away from its grassroots activism to the role
>  of a consummate Washington Insider deal maker.

Has anyone seen Monty Python's Life of Brian.....  DO I hear a parallelism???
Something to the effect of "The PEople's Judean Front", "The Popular 
People's Front", and it goes on an on....

HOw about for the modern approach.... CDT, EFF, CPSR, Cypherpunks... Do I 
hear more.. Or are we so split up that we can't agree on our common goal....