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Remailer postage


Where can I get the Magic Money software?  I'm also interested in a combination
FV/MM approach to anonymous postage.  I'm still waiting to get my linux box set
up (hassle with client paying the bill and all that fun stuff) but am
considering starting a remailer once I get the site set up.

I am concerned about the ethics of having a paymailer feed into the free
remailer soup - how would their operators react if I'm effectively making money 
(no matter how little) off of them?

In the interest of preserving anonymity, perhaps their should be a set postage
rate - that way someone could use a digital stamp anywhere, helping to confuse
the audit trail.

I'm not sure if I want to get involved in the hassles of redemption though.  It
would probably become a major hassle for all the operators to have to do that
much accounting on a regular basis.

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