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Angus Patterson wrote a short while ago:

S6>I've been trying to get True Names by Vernor Vinge, and have been told it's
  >out of print (like most good cypunk ), does anybody have it scanned?

Laissez Faire Books has a stockpile and they're giving them away!
LF sends you _True_Names_ free when you buy _Solomon's Knife_ by Victor
Korman (a pen-name). Order FN5136, $9.95 for both + $3.25 shipping:
Laissez Faire, 938 Howard Street #202, San Francisco, CA 94103, tel
800-326-0996, fax 415-541-0597. They have their own Laissez Faire Book
News list, too, with previews and samples. Ask Chris Whitten for more
info at <[email protected]>.

"Capt'n Bob"

Correspondents:  Communications went down recently when 2 remailers
shut up shop. A new address will be up and running during next week.