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Re: All I did was properly crosspost! harrassments another story

On Fri, 6 Jan 1995, david d `zoo' zuhn wrote:

> Sorry, but I don't flame in public fora.  I do so in email only.
> The Michigan precedent for email stalking isn't very strong (it also
> included several incidents of physical contact as well), so you threats are
> not really too worrisome.  The last time I checked with various folks about
> the Minnesota laws, it's not exactly too clear on email (prosecution in the
> situation in question was declined due to lack of confidence in
> conviction), so again, I'm not very worried.
> But it doesn't matter since you've just entered my global kill files.
> Anything you send to me won't be seen at all.  Anywhere.  Anyhow.  News.
> Mail.  Etc.  Plonk!
> And as a personal note, if your concept of 'dealing' involves making legal
> threats at the first possible instance of disagreement, then I think you
> need a new concept of 'dealing'.