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Re: True Names

On Thu, 5 Jan 1995, Angus Patterson wrote:

> I've been trying to get True Names by Vernor Vinge, and have been told it's
> out of print (like most good cypunk ), does anybody have it scanned? 
> I realize this is without permission, so does anybody have Vinge's address?
> (e-mail or otherwise) or could anybody ask him? Btw, does he have any other
> crypto/anonymity related stories? Thanks in advance.

I saw a copy of _True Names_ in a local bookstore recently, so if you 
check around you may be able to find it.  You may also want to check the 
used bookstores in your area.

Good luck!
Christopher E Stefan  *  [email protected]  *  PGP 2.6ui key by request