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Carol Anne - C'Punk Poster Person?

It occurs to me that Carol's problem may well be of
considerable interest to c'punks and free speechers
everywhere.  Not that I favor spam or it's derivatives -
but Cancelmoose and others define spam as *_50_* or
more groups, esp. without crossposting.

My basis for saying that Carol's situation is
of interest is ---- as the net becomes more vulnerable
to regulation, who among is immune to a quick
cancellation of account?  For something such as,
say, the irresponsible (and antisocial?) advocacy
of crypto?  If an account can be chopped for 10
posts, where is the bottom limit?  5 perhaps? 2 maybe?
1 post that the sys-admin disagrees with?

Developing the idea, and combining it with for-profit
remailers...what would be wrong with a provider offering
a unix shell based account, with the option of registering
the account under a nym - and with finger user switchable
from on to off and back again?  The login ID would also
be unconnected to the name.  Frankly, none of this seems
that radical...our friend, America On Line has some of
these characteristics!  Various  'anti-true spam'
strategies could be used to prevent massive postings
of Make Money Etc...But instead of a remailer, an
actual *_system_* would be used.  Payments could be
by electronic invoice and money orders...

Any thoughts on this?