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RE: Carol Anne - C'Punk Poster Person?

From: Dave  <[email protected]>

It occurs to me that Carol's problem may well be of
considerable interest to c'punks and free speechers
everywhere.  Not that I favor spam or it's derivatives -
but Cancelmoose and others define spam as *_50_* or
more groups, esp. without crossposting.

It occurs to me that Carol's problem is personal, that we don't know 
all of the details, that the sysadmin responsible is in contact with 
her and appears quite willing to communicate on the episode, to explain 
to her the reason for the action taken as well as being willing to 
provide to her opportunity to retrieve all of her email, etc. as well 
as to talk to her new provider and explain once again the details of 
the situation.

If the sysadmin's action was the result of regulation, then it would be 
apropos for a wider range of interest, but it appears to be the 
decision of an individual sysadmin acting on his own prerogative.   
Objections could be sent to him personally, unless someone wanted to 
make him answer to the list for his judgement and decision, and spend a 
lot of time arguing with him about it.