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Indexing and searching (was Re: public vs. private replies)

   Date: Fri, 06 Jan 1995 18:15:40 EST
   From: "Christopher J. Tengi" <[email protected]>

   You may want to take a look at glimpse and harvest.  Here are some useful URLs 
   for them:



Both very good systems.  Harvest is probably overkill.  Glimpse is nice,
but I don't know if it handles mail archives (unless they are

   > In article <[email protected]>,
   > L. McCarthy <[email protected]> wrote:
   > >Tim May writes:
   > >> In my opinion, having personal access
   > >> to past posts is several orders of magnitude more important than
   > >> having MIDI-MIME JPEG-II TeX players [...]
   > >
   > >It takes more disk space from one's personal quota, though (for those who
   > >suffer under such restrictions). :[
   > All posts to cypherpunks since June '94 are available by ftp from
   > ftp.hks.net:/cypherpunks/nntp/cypherpunks.   They are also available
   > via nntp from nntp.hks.net:hks.lists.cypherpunks.
   > I'd be glad to put a search engine of some sort on them, either by
   > Web or by mailserver, if someone can suggest a reasonable way to index
   > the whole lot.

There used to be a WAIS index of cypherpunks on mariposa, but it doesn't
seem to work now.

WAIS indexing mail archives is pretty easy.

- Jonny G