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Re: All I did was properly crosspost!

> The discussion on alt.current-events.net-abuse seemed to indicate that the 
> claim of "Just 10" above is a slight understandment.  The newsgroups seem to 
> have been hit alphabetically, and I believe the total count was in the hundreds.
>     --Paul J. Ste. Marie
>       [email protected], [email protected]

The individual who posted the first hysterical message about Carol's
alleged spam in a.c-e.n-a leaped to the conclusion that it was being
posted to a large number of groups because one of the newsgroups posted
to had a very low ordinal in the alphabetical list of all newsgroups.

The message itself, which he quoted, was only cross-posted to the
10 newsgroups specified.  I believe the CancelMoose threshold for an
official spam is 50 newsgroups.

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