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Re: Files and mail

On Fri, 6 Jan 1995, Mike Duvos wrote:
> [email protected] (Mike Horwath) carefully explains all the
> reasons why is it better to have a Netcom account than a
> Winternet account!
>  > I was going to be in, I decided to rest instead.  So sue me
>  > for it.

(Long hilarious list of Mike Horwaths's totally unprofessional
behavior deleted  To save bandwidth, just read it twice, or
better still three times.)

> [Netcom] accounts don't vanish when "the guy who owns the
> machine" decides to throw a tantrum.
> [...]

A big problem with Netcom is it that it has no web server,
and its ftp server is totally overwhelmed.

I use nw.com for my web pages and netcom for everything else.

Big bandwidth webservice at reasonable rates

Does anyone have a better suggestion?  I have been shopping
around for a reasonably priced 28KB SLIP connection.  Have
not found one yet.

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