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Carol Anne Whoever

I don't care very much about Carol Anne whoever.  I don't care very much
about her plight.
I have received just enough information about her plight (via this list,
oddly enough), to know that I don't have enough information to tell who I
agree with in this dispute.  I don't particularly want to get enough
information to do that, because I don't care.  If I did care, I would get
the information through some other method then this list, because it seems
completely inappropriate.

The merits of netcom vs. smaller services seem irrelevant to this list,
too, in my mind, and I don't care to see those either.  If you were

I also don't care to see 10 or 20 posts a day by Carol Anne Whoever which
are resposes to random crypto-related posts wherein the whole post is
quoted, and then Carol Anne adds "me too!", or "Does that remind you of a
certain sysadmin? giggle, giggle.", or "Good point!"  I am at a loss as to
why Carol Anne thinks the details of her life, and her inane "me too"s are
of interest to the cypherpunks list.  I guess we can't stop Carol Anne from
sending this stuff to the list anyways (but I can killfile her), but it
would be nice if people would stop responding to her stuff.  Obviously if
you really feel it's an appropriate use of the list to do so anyway, I
can't stop you.  I'm just asking you to for purely selfish reasons, so I
don't feel the need to killfile people who make otherwise intelligent
posts, and miss those posts.

[I'm beginning to suspect that Carol Anne, and her sysadmin too, are just
tentacles of Detweiler.]