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Re: Outlawing Anonymity

TC May writes:

>I see no prospect whatsover that a ban on anonymous mail could be
>implemented, enforced, or upheld in the courts.

Never say never.

Even coming from Tim, this surprises me just a little. Never
think that government won't do something. The effectiveness
of their 'solution' may be minimal, but billions can be
wasted, and countless lives ruined, before it can be stopped (or
more likely, dammed; once government achieves power, it is loath
to relinquish it without a death struggle).

Some nation's groups of 'leader'-thugs may be in a better
position than others to go for such a power grab at this moment
in time. But any and all of them should be constantly scrutinized
for the inevitable slide down that slippery slope. The "article"
by our pal Martha which the SF Chronicle had the poor judgment
and atrociously swollen cojones to publish, is one of the most
dramatically explicit warning signs of the year so far... and NOT
because the year is yet so young.

And to think, Tim used to be the pessimist on this list, saved only
by the reassurances of Duncan and Sandy... :-S