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Re: pgp shells for windows....

> I've read the pgp docs and several other unofficial documents on pgp and I have come to the conclusion 
> that a shell for pgp is the most sensible approach using such a powerfull encryption program.  I've 
> searched to the best of my abilities and have found several pgp shells for windows, but all of them seem to 
> assume that the user has an above average understanding of the workings of pgp and all of its uses.  At 
> this point your probably thinking that I'm looking for an easy way to get around learning pgp the hard way, 
> but I'm not...   the whole idea of pgp is that privacy and security be available to anyone, using any platform. 
>  But ease of use was not really one of the features built into pgp.  If anyone can refer me to a windows 
> shell for pgp (for dummys :-)   ) I would like to get a copy of it for distribution on the bullitin board nets...

Which ones have you looked at?
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