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pgp shells for windows....

I've read the pgp docs and several other unofficial documents on pgp and I have come to the conclusion 
that a shell for pgp is the most sensible approach using such a powerfull encryption program.  I've 
searched to the best of my abilities and have found several pgp shells for windows, but all of them seem to 
assume that the user has an above average understanding of the workings of pgp and all of its uses.  At 
this point your probably thinking that I'm looking for an easy way to get around learning pgp the hard way, 
but I'm not...   the whole idea of pgp is that privacy and security be available to anyone, using any platform. 
 But ease of use was not really one of the features built into pgp.  If anyone can refer me to a windows 
shell for pgp (for dummys :-)   ) I would like to get a copy of it for distribution on the bullitin board nets...
   Was I to verbose?
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