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Nope, the Skypoint Newsreader didn't carry any of the 9 groups.

Dear All,

And, amazingly neither does MM.Com. And if I'm going to infer, I'd better go
back and look at the facts on hand. No, Mr. Horwath's reader has up to
4,500 or so groups in it at any given moment. Here at MM.Com we only have
1,009 to be precise. So let us remind ourselves that this didn't even get
"full" coverage in a lot of places. And, in some maybe none at all.

So stay tuned, as the story of the anonymous remailer cartel works it's
way into place. I have a chain.exe script in the winternet.files. Spose
I could go net.rad and go get another from soda.berkeley or somewhere.
Look remailers, meet somehwere face to face, shake hands, hug each other,
cut a deal eyeball to eyeball, just do the best you can with what you've got.

So remailer cartel 1.0 has a bug or two. So does all humanity. Even so did
my logic for a minute or two (only). So go somewhere fun and sort it out.
And write what wonderful "vacations" you having, as you all will be MAKING
MONEY FAST, within hours after your glorious return to civilization.

(even money says the anon server bounces this to somebody)

And as I stated four postings ago.

No Mr. Ste. Marie only ten, and as we saw in some cases only one.
not hundreds or thousands, just a few. .1% One One Tenth of a Percent.
And, one instance of One One Hundreth of a Percent. About as bad as
the pentium bug story. And that's still an acceptable post in any group.

Somebody uses PGP in any of those groups. They are my friends.
I hope I can learn remailer procedure and code soon, it looks fun.

Thanks for your time.

Love Always,

Carol Anne