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Re: TEMPEST Questions...

On 6 Jan 1995, Derek Zeanah wrote:

> I'm writing an article on TEMPEST technology.
> The focus is on what TEMPEST is and how to defeat it, if possible.  So far
> I've gotten some insightful information, but I'm looking for all I can get.
> Has anyone ever heard of TEMPEST being used in the continental US?  Can anyone
> tell me what measures offer some level of protection, or steps that can be
> taken to reduce the likelihood of being successfully targeted?  Has anyone
> ever seen TEMPEST in action?
You might start with van Eck, Wim, "Electromagnetic Radiation from Video 
Display Units:  An Eavesdropping Risk?", Computers & Security 4 (1985) 
269-286.  That will give you the technical basics.

If someone has actually seen Tempest interception in action, I'd like to 
hear about that as well.

John A. Thomas		[email protected]
N5RZP			214/263-4351