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Re: TEMPEST Questions...

Hi all,

Regarding Tempest, 

Something similar happens to me in my workshop. I have several computers
stacked on two shelves. It is quite commen for several of them to be on
at one time. In particular when I have my Amiga 1200 driving my NEC TV/Monitor
I notice that it appears on the other composite video monitors even though
the Amiga drives RGB. What I think is happening is that the NEC is converting
the RGB to standard TV drive rates. The short of it is that I can watch my
Amiga 1200 on my TV that is sitting a couple approx 3ft. from it.

It could also be the fact that the 1200 has a video output that is poorly 
shielded. It is capable of driving a composite device directly as well.

One aspect that is interesting is that if you have several sources going 
at once the quality degrades. One possible technique for defeating such
monitoring would be to have a couple of standard video recorders drive a
video game rf modulator tied to an antenna to provide a 'shell' of drivel
from your cable feed. Your VCR may be able to drive the antenna directly.

Take care.