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Re: Rumored CBS "hit" on internet coming

> >Subject: CBS/C.Chung Plan Hit Job on Internet?
> >
> >A friend tells me that CBS and Connie Chung plan a hit job on Internet
> >on the evening news today, 1/9/95.  Apparently it may be in the context 
> >of youths supposedly learning how to make bombs from online info.  In 
> >case I don't get to watch it, could somebody make it a point to watch 
> >it and give us a summary of the report.  Thanks.

Argghh!! When Connie interviewed me last week, she said I could
_whisper_ some dark uses to her and it would just be between the two
of us!

Life's a bitch, and so is Connie.

> Reply, if you're inclined, via e-mail.  I'm off the list until the Carol 
> Ann stuff dies out.    - Brad Dolan,  [email protected]

It seems to have gone through the "Newbie-nova" (a double newism?)
phase and is already dropping exponentially.

(By Newbie-nova I mean the spate of initial posts. I know the
syndrome, as I made several posts on my first day on "Cyberia.")

--Tim May

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