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Re: Vinge's True Email name ?


In article <[email protected]>, you wrote:

> If you *really* want to send him fan mail, I recommend sending it in
> paper form to his publisher.  First, this allows him to better handle
> fan mail in batches.  Second, this gives his publisher some indication
> of interest in his work, and maybe gets him a better deal on his next
> book.

And if you *really* want to send Vernor Vinge fan mail, and you *can't*
*stand* the notion of sending it via snailmail, you can send email to
his publisher: [email protected] .  That's the email address for Patrick
Nielsen Hayden, senior editor at Tor Books.  Patrick will know what to
do with it.  (n.b.: I don't think Patrick is actually Vinge's editor; I
think [but am not sure] that Vinge's editor is Jim Frenkel, who oddly
enough is married to Vernor Vinge's ex-wife, Joan Vinge.)

(Cypherpunks Duncan Frissell and Sandy Sandfort may recall Patrick from
his salad days in San Francisco, when he was part of the crew which took
over FREEDOM TODAY and FREE MARKET REPORTER magazines in 1978.)

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