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Re: Vinge's True Email name ?

On Mon, 9 Jan 1995, Anthony Garcia wrote:

> If you *really* want to send him fan mail, I recommend sending it in
> paper form to his publisher.  First, this allows him to better handle

  I can see your point, but since it's been asked (and you're all 
responsible people and he knows about killfiles) This is the address I just
found in the cyberpunk faq : [email protected]

And btw, thanks for all the replies to my True Names question. I did end
end up finding it (on loan), but somehow this city's used bookstores seem to 
have every one of his books but True Names. Sigh...

Back to crypto though, would anybody know about any more recent works on
the NSA than Puzzle Palace (other than the Wired articles or the NSA 
handbook that was posted to the net)? For that matter, has anybody heard 
of a recently published book on the Canadian Security Establishment (it
came out just two months ago I think, I just can't remember the author 
or title) or anything else on that agency? 

Mucho Thank you.