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Re: Data Haven problems


In article <[email protected]>, you wrote:

> Filtering by filename and type can also be useful - if you don't allow
> files named *.gif and *.jpg, users may be less likely to
> spam you with pornography.  Namespace control in general is an issue -
> do users get to choose filenames, or list directories, or do they
> have to know the names of files to retrieve. 
> Another issue is whether files can only be retrieved by the sender -
> probably a local policy issue.  

Pornographic images aren't spam _per_se._ What makes them troublesome is
the huge number of people who wish to download them when their
availability is widely known.  (My ISP's ftp site is being bogged down
by lots of accesses; it is speculated that these are people trying to
access pornography kept there.)

The obvious fix here is the same as the proposed fix for remailer
spamming:  charge for access.

As a (presumably) fixed-location data haven, one would want to be able
to use some kind of anonymous e-money for payment, but one could also
use good, old-fashioned credit card numbers, too.

The feelthy peexture business might well be the cash cow that keeps a
data-haven/fortress remailer afloat (if that's not too mixed a metaphor).

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