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(fwd) Re: Racism on the Internet

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From: [email protected] (Michael Dillon)
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Subject: Re: Racism on the Internet
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 1994 18:11:51 +0000
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This is forwarded from can.infohighway. Note the quote from Rutkowski
at the bottom. This info should be more generally know on the net.

In article <[email protected]>, [email protected] wrote:
> IN>[email protected] (Harvey Goldberg) writes:
> >I work for the Canadian Human Rights Commission.  
> >I am currently doing research on the use of the 
> >Internet for the propagation of hate material.  
> >The purpose of the research is to determine what 
> >measures could be considered to control the use 
> >of the Net for this type of purpose.
> >I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has 
> >any views, information or comments on this 
> >subject or who know of anywhere on the Internet 
> >where this matter is discussed.
> According to Tony Rutkowski, Executive Director of the Internet 
> Society, "The Internet from a regulatory standpoint falls into the 
> category of private value-added networks, and in most countries under 
> the treaty provisions of the ITU, as well as the GATT, these are 
> networks that are outside the purview of government. To the extent 
> that there is any kind of obligation by governments, it is to allow 
> such networks to exist on a competitive basis". <Internet World, 
> January 1995>.

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