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SafeBoot PC Security System

I helped setting up the DigiCash booth at the RSA conference last night
when some guy in the same room with us handed me a copy of their SafeBoot
PC Security System. It consists of a processor, real-time clock, some other
gadgets, and a magnetic transducer -- all embedded in a 3.5 inch floppy
casing -- as well as some supporting software. The system interacts with
the read/write head of the floppy drive, pretending to be a floppy. It is
supposed to do provide for secure drive encryption (DES) and other things.
Seems they are giving away one of these devices to each attendee of the

Does anyone on this list have experience with this device? I understand it
has been out for a while. I use a Mac at home, and while I am resposible
for some PC's at work, these are used for alpha testing of hardware
components only , which makes them pretty unstable the way it is and I
don't really want to add more trouble just to them to give the device a
good workout. Sounds interesting, though...

-- Lucky Green <[email protected]>
   PGP encrypted mail preferred.