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Scientology Petition v2.1

     Church of Scientology
     PETITION Version 2.1
     I have undertaken on my own determinism to rewrite the petition
according to criticisms that I have received.  This version below is
short and sweet.  Since I have no authority whatsoever from those who
wrote the original petition to do this, this is certainly not official.
However if enough like it, perhaps we can talk the original petition
writers into considering it.   I will be posting this to
     alt.censorship, alt.cyberpunks, and comp.org.eff.talk
     If you think it is worthwhile, please post it to other groups
as well.


     We the undersigned deplore

     1.) The Church of Scientology's recent apparent (unproven)
efforts to rmgroup alt.religion.scientology.

     2.) The Church of Scientology's recent apparent (unproven)
efforts to cancel non copyrighted postings.

     3.) The Church of Scientology's overt and apparently covert plans
to spam both alt.religion.scientology and the rest of usenet with
'success stories' and testimonials, in order to drown out the
'graffitti' and negative testimony and commentary.

     4.) The Church of Scientology's legal efforts to shut off anonymous
remailers to alt.religion.scientology and alt.clearing.technology, and
their legal threats against the remailer operators for postings,
copyrighted or not, coming through them. 

     5.) The Church of Scientology's legal efforts to clamp down on
ANY copyrighted postings or quotations at all, even when clearly Fair

     6.) Any open or covert declaration by Church of Scientology
Officials against anyone on the internet declaring them to be a
Suppressive Person, and any open or covert declaration of anyone on
the internet as Fair Game whether or not it is to be called that.

     We the undersigned eschew any efforts on the part of anyone to
render alt.religion.scientology a moderated group.

     We the undersigned implore the Church of Scientology

     1.) To work closely with the Electronic Freedom Frontier to solve
what it perceives to be its problems with the internet, and to
endeavor to join the internet community as a respected citizen in the
forums of two way communication with anyone at any time on any

     2.) To help formulate guidelines for, and accept fair use
excerption of the works of L.  Ron Hubbard for the purpose of non
commercial criticism and educational commentary.

     Homer Wilson Smith
     United Free Zone Alliance