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Clipper Revived?

     From Edupage:
     AT&T and VLSI Technology Inc. will collaborate to develop microchips 
     that use a triple-strength version of DES (data encryption standard), 
     which previously had been rejected by the National Security Agency. 
     VLSI is the designated contractor to make the government-favored 
     Clipper chips, but this latest announcement reveals their doubts over 
     whether there's a market for the Clipper. "These companies have 
     basically made the determination that Clipper is dead and there's 
     going to be the proliferation of encryption anyway, so they might as 
     well take advantage of it," says one observer, who predicts the market 
     for such technology "could reach hundreds of millions" of dollars in 
     annual sales by the end of the decade. (Wall Street Journal 1/31/95 
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