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Remailer encryption module

   From: Nathan Zook <[email protected]>

   I also believe that hacking PGP is a bad thing (tm), because it means that
   every time an upgrade comes out, it will need to be re-hacked, and once you
   start hacking, when do you stop?

I agree.  PGP just does not have the support for the encryption
required for mixing remailers.  These deficiencies have been known for
about two years at this point and still nothing has happened.  I
expect this not to change anytime soon.

That means that we have to replace PGP as the encryption module for
remailers.  The first thing to do is to design a data format which
supports what the remailers need now, and nothing speculative.  Since
this data format has a single purpose, we can make new revisions more
easily than for a general purpose package.

Once we get a data format, implementations will follow.