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There really is a CP thread here.  

After you've had one of these experiences, you will not trust
authority any more.

I can't wait for the "good faith" exeception to the 4th amendment
to hit the streets.


On Fri, 3 Feb 1995, Paul E. Baclace wrote:

> Recently a relative of mine was battered/assulted in a park.  The
> perp, after a personal item broke, called a friend at the police on 
> his cel phone and an officer charged my relative for assault! The 
> perp is also trying to sue for damages.  The relative is nearly at 
> retirement age and the perp had 3 large attack dogs at the time.
> This is a bad cop with a vindictive mentality and the court so far 
> believes the cop. (My relative should be suing for psychological damages
> after weeks of nightmares about being attacked and then betrayed
> by the police and fear of retribution for pursuing justice.  This
> is a very expensive process in money, time and emotions.)
> A personal recording of what happened would make a lot of difference.
> Paul E. Baclace
> [email protected]