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Re: VoicePGP cracked in 10 minutes?...

> > I heard a rumor hear in Ctl. Tx. that the VoicePGP project was cracked in the
> > last couple of days in approx. 10 minutes. Anyone have any info on this other
> > than one of those wild rumors that occur?
> Considering that VoicePGP hasn't even been released, this is
> fascinating news. Perhaps the same team could work next on cracking
> things that haven't even been invented yet.

Cracking VoicePGP is easy, since it's still a bones version without
the encryption installed yet - anybody who can figure out where
to get the software should be able to do it.  Might take more than
10 minutes to do that :-)

However, the rumor mostly sounded like a pro-active version of the
"NSA cracked PGP" version of the FBI Modem Tax on Religious Broadcasting
put out by Madeline Murray O'Shergold.