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I wonder if 'Net-cash' is any good?  Try sending e-mail to
[email protected]
with the words netbank-intro on the first line of body.

It says:

        The NetBank ...is based on "payment coupons" that may be traded
        via electronic mail ... NetCash is easily obtained by using the
        NetBank's "Check Cashing by FAX" service.  Customers may
        purchase NetCash by writing a personal check and faxing it to
        the NetCash Distribution Center.  Travelers on the Infobahn may
        carry NetCash and cash checks while online.

and lots more. Does not look too anymous, however, and there is no
mention of PGP in the documents I got.  But do check it out.

When you get the info, they give you 5 cents worth of NetCash, BTW.
They also have other stuff:

        For information on related topics, please send e-mail to
        "[email protected]" with the following keyword(s) in the

    Keyword                         Topic

  netbank-faq         Answers to frequently asked questions
  buying-netcash      How to buy NetCash from the NetBank
  netbank-merchant    Opening a NetBank Merchant account
  shareware-info      Using the NetBank to collect shareware fees
  boardwatch-story    Reprint of NetCash story from Boardwatch Magazine
  story-update        Enhancements since the Boardwatch story was published

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