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finney's perl scripts

hal , gotta question regarding your perl scripts .
 i ran em thru sh and d/l'd em , and here are the
results of my tests . first , i pgp'd a file in
 binary format , then ran " perl pgppadt.pl
test.pgp 10 " . the error i got was " Couldn't
 create test.pgp.pad " . so i renamed the file to
" test " and tried again with good results ! i got
 " Input file test has size 732 bytes 10 bytes 
pgppad returns code -3 " . then , iran " perl 
 pgppad.pl test 10 " and after the bit about perl
running under dos/4gw protected mode , i get dropped
 to my command prompt . i took a look at the file ,
and it's size wasn't any different , so i renamed the
 file to test.pgp and ran it again and got the same
results . so i guess i'm wonderin' if it added the
 padding , or what might be the problem ? for your
info , i'm using perl 4.0.