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Zimmermann charges NOT dropped

Charges against Phil Zimmermann have apparently NOT been dropped, and
Zimmermann's legal team is still in high gear.

Proving once more that things said or asked on this list often--even
usually--find their way to the persons mentioned, Phil called me today
to ask further about what I'd heard from Drew Taubman and to explain
that as of Friday, when Phil Dubois, Phil's lawyer, spoke to the
prosecutor in the case, the case had not been dropped. Or if it was,
the lead attorney and his client were not told.

(My discussion with Drew was at 10 p.m., Wednesday, Monte Carlo time.)

So, it appears that my source was either incorrect, or wires got
crossed in some way. (Or that EFF has access of a kind that seems

Phil speculated that Drew was speaking about the LaMacchia case, of
several weeks back. This is unlikely, as the LaM. case was a separate
discussion we had, specific mention was made that the news was very
recent, happening within a few days of our conversation, and that
Senator Leahy would be incorporating changes based on the PRZ case
situation into legislation on telephony and expert being planned.

In any case, it seemingly is just not the case that charges have been
dropped (or that plans to file them have been dropped).

Anyway, my apologies. I sometimes think I am talking to the 20-30 of
you who post regularly, and can thus feel free to ask about a report
I've heard. But, as Hal Finney and others have also discovered, this
is not the case...boundaries are changing in cyberspace.

--Tim May

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