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Re: signature validation on secure edit messages


Good point.  But if you turn word wrap off, your message will go out as one long line, or one long line for each paragraph.  Most smart mail programs will handle this cleanly, but I assume there are still many that won't.  Have all the people who are using PGP with Eudora been sending mail without line breaks?  Is this not a problem for 99.99% of the mail-reading software out there?


At 5:28 PM 2/5/95, Joel McNamara wrote:
>Try turning Word Wrap off in Eudora.  I was encountering the same thing in the Windows version of Eudora.  With Word Wrap on, it seems to add CRs (or CR/LFs on a PC) to the end of each line upon sending.  This obviously causes a message not to match the signature, since all of those CRs weren't there when you composed it.  With Word Wrap off, your text still wraps on the screen when you're composing, but those unwanted CRs in the sent mail don't get added.
>Joel McNamara
>[email protected] - finger for PGP key
>>Jeez. I really don't know why the heck this always happens to me, my
>>digsigs not validating.
>>You can finger me at [email protected] to retrieve a message with a valid
>>I always write the message in eudora, copy it, sign it in MacPGP as TEXT
>>with attached signature, then go back and paste it over the old message.
>>Then I go back to MacPGP and check the signature on the clipboard to be
>>sure - no problems. But after getting mailed, it doesn't work.

Version: 2.6


Dave Mandl
[email protected]