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Re: Judge not...

> [...]
> Notification of 
> authorities external to the Net should be avoided. Contacts 
> to the Press should be left to those who have been trained in 
> public relations or have equivalent experience.

Seems thoroughly sane.
> How does the Judges' List work?
> The List distributes messages to a panel of Judges who cancel 
> multiple posts to NetNews immediately. The List is used to 
> help Judges organize themselves, finalize policy, and set 
> procedures to enforce rules. It is primarily directed to 
> those who issue cancels.

In other words, it is a list for net vigilantes.

Sounds reasonable to me.  We need net vigilantes and we need
them to talk to each other.

Why should anyone object to this?

Enforcers are self appointed:  How else should anarchy work?

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