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Re: Cooperation

   Eric says:
   > In particular, I chose Request-Remailing-To: as a purposefully obtuse
   > experimental name.  It deserves to die.

   From: "Perry E. Metzger" <[email protected]>

   I'd say that it would work far better if things were changed to MIME
   formats. You would send a message by recursively encapsulating your
   message to be remailed inside a MIME message. Simple and clean...

That's fine.  I like MIME, but the issue is cleaning up the existing
remailers, none of which use MIME, and the chaining scripts, none of
which do either.

Getting everybody to support Anon-Send-To: in addition to
Request-Remailing-To: is a very simple and straightforward fix for an
acknowledged syntactic inanity.