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Re: "encrypt tcp connections" hacks

On Mon, 6 Feb 1995, Jonathan Cooper wrote:
>     You've obviously never attempted to get a Windows product working for 
> someone whose previous experience with a computer is limited to "Solitaire".
>     I've done work with this ISP, and I can tell you it's nearly the most 
> frustrating experience I've had in my life -- Windows has bizzare 
> conflicts with software eating other software, ports getting set up 
> wrong, and just general nastiness.  Even the slickest software needs 
> helpline time - for whatever reason.

Some software needs more than others.

Central Points desktop for windows -- a very complex and powerful 
product, had quite low help line costs.

On the other hand the messy and confused windows internet utilities,
produced by diverse people, often crudely ported from Unix by 
shareware operators who could not afford the time and effort 
for a proper setup program, or crudely ported by people who may 
have been Unix experts but most obviously were not windows
experts, (example: ftp softwares terminal emulator) are a total 
disaster, and this is why the help cost for SLIP lines is so 

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