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Re: dna ink

> Something I've been is: Why can't one of your enemies just get a piece of
> your hair or fingernails or something, and make their own DNA ink our of
> your DNA?  They could probably even send it to this DNA ink company, and
> they'd make your enemy ink out of your own DNA without even noticing.
> Doesn't seem very secure to me.
> [Yeah, it's not crypto related, but I've been wondering about this since
> the topic was first brought up, and am somewhat surprised that of the few
> messages there were making fun of the DNA ink,  none mentioned this fact.
> Is that because it's too obvious to mention, or is there something I'm not
> thinking about which makes DNA ink useful after all?]
This is the same problem that arose with the original idea of seals once
the skills of metalworking became commen enough. By the 1500's it was
nearly impossible to keep a seal confidential more than a few weeks until
somebody got a impression and built a copy.