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Re: The Rise of "Worse is Better"...

L. McCarthy wrote:
> Why did you send this to cypherpunks ?  I don't see any crypto/privacy
> relevance.

No crypto/privacy relevance.  Software methodology relevance.  It makes
points about why it's better to get 50% out the door immediately than to be
overly stuck on doing everything "The Right Way"...

That the "Worse is Better" approach has better survival characteristics than
"The Right Way" approach is applicable to the mission(s) of the cypherpunks
is it not?  Of course, in the case of the cypherpunks, it may be preaching
to the converted and if that is the case, then I apologize...

> Perhaps you're hoping to revive the latest pointless James Donald flame
> war ?

I only subscribe to cp-lite, so I don't have to read all the rehashed
flames.  I suppose that I should be glad that I missed it...