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Re: Is the remailer crisis over?

[email protected] (Timothy C. May) wrote:

> I don't think the "crisis" will be over until there are at least 50
> remailers, spread over at least five countries. Each supporting the
> usual features, and with some reasonable traffic.
> With luck, and with "remailer accounts," this could happen by this
> summer.

I think the increase in remailers is partly due to better
protection/privacy/anonymnity for remailer operators, which is a good
thing, but I worry about puting all our eggs in one basket.  Nearly 40%
of the remailers now are either on c2.org or through John Perry's and
Matt Ghio's MXing thing.  I don't know much about the latter, but
Sameer's net connection is not very reliable and disconnects frequently.
 It seems these two points of failure could cause serious problems for
the remailer network as a whole.  Not to mention that these two systems
would be prime targets for anyone who wants to do traffic analysis...

The remailer crisis is far from over.