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Re: "encrypt tcp connections" hacks

>> Thats because the providers never package things up cleanly. If they
>> sent a client on a disk, a la AOL, and they set things up to
>> autoconfigure, they'd never need to speak to the clients.
>    You've obviously never attempted to get a Windows product working for 
>someone whose previous experience with a computer is limited to "Solitaire".
>    I've done work with this ISP, and I can tell you it's nearly the most 
>frustrating experience I've had in my life -- Windows has bizzare 
>conflicts with software eating other software, ports getting set up 
>wrong, and just general nastiness.  Even the slickest software needs 
>helpline time - for whatever reason.

   I hate jumping in when I may be completely off base but...

   NT and (possibly Winodws97) may solve some of this, mainly through better
controll over devices and protected memory. I recently installed some NT
services, HTTP server, and Time Service (to get time off a trusted host).
The HTTP server was installed and working in 5 minutes.  I'm a little more
advanced than the typical "Solitare junky", but I was amazed at the ease of
install and controll that some of this stuff gives you.  I would probably
spend atleast 30+ minutes trying to get them properly installed on my UNIX host.
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