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Re: S.314, the "Pi Bill"

On Tue, 7 Feb 1995, Timothy C. May wrote:

> Brad Huntting wrote:
> > Can anyone confirm this S.314 thing?  It sounds an awful lot like
> > the "modem tax" and other urban legends.
> > 
> > 
> I wrote a post to comp.org.eff.talk in which I asked if "S.314" isn't
> just the "Pi Bill," in which pi = 3.14 is mandated to be pi = 3.00.
> S.314 I initially, for a minute or so, thought to be a put-on, a
> spoof. But the text lacked other signs of humor and had the trappings
> of a real bill. And then versions from reputable groups began to
> appear, so I was of course convinced it was real.
> If it's a spoof, it's too cute by half.
> --Tim May

I too thought it was a spoof initally. Hell, what Senator would be dumb 
enough to name a bill this way if it was real. If I were trying to pass a 
bill of this nature, it would be double-speak all of the way. But alas it 
is true...And I thought the DT bill was bad. 

Both of my congresscritters have been faxed and queried as to their 
position. I'll inform the group when they fax me back. I would urge 
others to do this. This will be unbelievably bad if we loose this one. 
The ramifications on this bill are still hammering me in the head.