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Re: Effects of S.314 (Communications Decency Act)

On Wed, 8 Feb 1995, L. McCarthy wrote:

> The battle over "obscenity" has been fought long and hard.
> "Indecency" seems a remarkably nebulous term (and, of course, ludicrously
> Victorian). I'd be interested in seeing a legal definition, and alarmed if
> there isn't one (yet).

Last I heard, the Supreme Court had never made a ruling on this. They 
copped out and left it up to "Community Standards." This is partially why 
the AA bbs case was sucessfuly prosecuted in another state.

> Don't even get me started on the "nudity" portion. I'm sure Jesse Helms is
> already licking his lips over this one.

Under the new legislation, might this not be illegal? ;)

On another note, I mailed Stanton McClandish to find out what EFF's 
position is on this. I tried browsing their archives, but lots of stuff 
seems to have vanished from there.