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WSJ Article on Sen. Exon's Legislation

"Government Tackles a Surge of Smut on the Internet"
Wall Street Journal
Wednesday, February 8, 1995 
page B1

----------Begin Quote----------

  Instead, the services would prefer to be treated like phone companies, 
which claim no responsibility for telephone conversations. With millions 
of messages passing through each day, the services say couldn't possibly 
monitor everything even if they tried.
  Sen. Exon is unconvinced. "If I were against this <the legislation>, 
if I didn't want to be bothered with it, if I felt it might complicate 
my ability to make money on the superhighway, that's the argument I 
would make," he says, adding that a failure by the government to act 
would be "an open invitation to some of the hardcore pornography getting 
into our homes."

-----------End Quote-----------

Dale H.